Boasting of the largest bell foundry in the world, Loughborough lies within the Charnwood borough of Leicestershire. It is quite popular with both domestic and international tourists who visit this town, renowned for its Churches, museums, parks, and other tourist attractions. It also offers some attractive shopping options with plenty of dining sets. Find below a list of some of the popular tourist destinations of this town. Make sure that you include at least one of the several loughborough restaurants such as Hammers and Pincers, and Cafe Mesh, as a part of your itinerary. Those interested in spicy food should try Salim's Indian Restaurant... renowned for its nice environment and excellent Indian food.

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Popular tourist spots

Great Central Railway: Electric and diesel powered locomotives have replaced steam engines, so much so that one cannot find those antique steam engines anywhere. This museum offers visitors a rare opportunity to see these engines from close quarters. Those who were born during the 60s and 70s will love to see engines that used to draw carriages when they were young. The sight of steam engines passing each other, and the accompanying `chug chug' sound will delight youngsters.
Charnwood Museum: Find out more about the industries, archaeology, geology, and history of Charnwood. There are a number of permanent displays such as `Earning a Living.' Its interactive displays never fail to amaze visitors who also have the opportunity to handle volcanic rocks. To enjoy their trip to the maximum, tourists should visit this museum during school holidays to view craft and art workshops. The building also houses a cafe and a shop from which they can purchase souvenirs and picture postcards.
Loughborough Carillon: There are several things of interest in this tower and war memorial museum such as the Carillon musical instrument, a device consisting of a minimum of 23 bells made of cast bronze. These bells are suspended in the air and are arranged in chromatic order. The player presses keys on a keyboard containing wooden levers and foot pedals, attached by wires to clappers. The clappers strike the bells to produce music. Do not forget to visit the first and second floor that contains the Yomanry Room and Airborne Room respectively. Visitors can find a huge collection of medals on the ground floor, including those from World War II. Visitors should also check the collection of bronze memorial plaques.
Organ Grinder: Visitors should not let the name mislead them since they will find neither an organ nor a grinder. Enjoy sipping beer in their beer garden bathed in sunshine. Wine aficionados need not worry, since this pub stocks a wide range of wines. Visitors should also check out the pub's delicious sausage rolls and pork pies. This place also has a function room... ideal for hosting meetings.

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This is just the tip of the iceberg as Loughborough offers many other tourist locales including parks such as
Beacon Hill Country Park
Charnwood Forest Alpacas
Queens Park
Whatton House & Gardens

Tourists looking for Loughborough restaurants should include the `Chocolate Academy' in their itinerary and enjoy their famous white hot chocolate brew along with marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles.